Genesis Aerator

Louks Engineering introduces their affordable, innovative, and reliable solar powered aerator — GENESIS.

Louks Engineering Genesis 1000

Genesis solar-powered Aerators provide an environmentally friendly solution for controlling algae-related issues in water and wastewater applications. By effectively circulating your system’s water you’ll bring bottom water with low oxygen content up to the surface increasing oxygen and improving overall water quality.

Genesis Aerators obtain their energy from the sun. Using solar panels and special controls, they convert solar radiation into electricity that drives and operates all onboard systems. The heart of the Genesis Aerators is a slowly rotating impeller inside an intake and discharge assembly. When the aerator is operating, large volumes of low oxygen water from the intake below the surface move vertically through the unit to discharge over the dish at the surface. Water exits the dish as a thin sheet for exposure to the atmosphere where nearly instantaneous oxygen diffusion into the water can occur.

The Genesis 1000-SB Series Aerators
The Genesis 1000-SB series aerators are solar powered with a battery backup. They use two 250-watt solar panels and two 12-VDC batteries to collectively power their 24-VDC gear motor. Use them for applications requiring 24/7 operation where grid power is not available.  This system uses our exclusive PWM system to control motor speed based off available charging and battery voltage.


Standard Shipping and Installation:  Louks Engineering Genesis Aerators include shipping to the site of installation within the United States and installation of the units.

Optional Remote Monitoring:  Louks Engineering offers an optional remote monitoring for our customers. The remote monitoring allows the customer to view motor speed, battery voltage and charging current. 

Optional Service Plan:  Louks Engineering offers an optional service plan.  The service plan would include a technician to be on you site and make any adjustments to the controller and any cleaning to the propeller and intake.